We are committed to have in place a PAN INDIA NETWORK of SPACEDEAL FRANCHISEES backed by a strong backup team of GOA FRANCHISEE PARTNERS ACROSS GOA. If you have a keen desire to work in the property market, are an energetic visionary aspiring to run a successful Real Estate agency on your own, or growing your present business, find working for yourself rewarding and exciting, and are looking for an opportunity that enables you to maximise returns for your efforts - join the SpaceDeal family of franchisee partners.
Property consultancy is in high demand and becoming a SpaceDeal Franchisee Partner offers you long term growth prospects. You can expect a rapid and easy startup with a fairly small investment. We are committed to setting the highest standards in property consultancy and are committed to your success. Your efforts will be backed by a team of experienced professionals, latest technology, a ready stock of priced property and continuous ongoing support and marketing assistance. If your desire to succeed and passion for great service matches ours, then you can be rest assured of a profitable journey all the way as a SpaceDeal Franchisee Partner.

Real Estate is something real and tangible, it physically exists. Two golden mantras for making money from Real Estate are: hold is gold and location is the key. When you enter into a franchise with us you immediately gain years of experience. A franchisee offers you a well set up business opportunity that you always wanted with multi-utility layer benefits.


The use of a recognized and successful Real Estate brand name enables instant recognition and market awareness for your company leading to higher inflow of business.
The SpaceDeal brand name, proactive marketing using multiple channels, cutting edge technology and tools, and innovative strategies increase the potential for growth and long term success.
Increased networking opportunities enable synergizing effort and unlocking potential. Expertise sharing will enable sailing on rough waters.
High levels of training and mentoring puts you ahead of the rest and in a league of your own.
Scope for increased revenue opportunities through additional business, bigger portfolio and support structure.

SpaceDeal has built a hard won reputation in the Real Estate market in Goa for providing value added services to our clients. With a renewed thrust to become a ‘one stop shop‘ in Real Estate, we have ambitious plans in place, and are on the lookout for the right people to back our committed management team. Franchisees will work as an extension of our business in the places where our customers are located enabling us to get closer to our customers namely owners/lessors, tenants/lessees and those looking for advisory consultancy services and the service providers - that's us.

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